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Cheek’s Auto Repair – Car Repair, Grant County

Cheek’s Auto Repair – 1430 Rogers Rd, Crittenden, KY 41030, USA – +1 859-428-0076

Speedway – Car Wash, Grant County

Speedway – 70 Broadway St, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-823-0012

Bullock Pen Lake – Lake, Grant County

Bullock Pen Lake – Bullock Pen Lake, Kentucky, USA –
It’s a nice lake as long as you’re not fishing or want to catch fish. Straight doo doo water. Don’t waste your time.

Cherokee Plaza – Shopping Mall, Grant County

Cherokee Plaza – 6463 Taylor Mill Rd, Independence, KY 41051, USA –
Goodwill store friendly staff , good selection. Pius Family dollars next door , Snappy tomatoes pizza is just across the road…

Frisch’s Big Boy – Restaurant, Grant County

Frisch’s Big Boy – 1000 Fashion Ridge Rd, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-824-8870
Very clean, friendly staff, delicious well-kept breakfast bar. My dear husband had a huge burger. Very delightful atmosphere. We will definitely come again. Forget long lines at other places. Big Boy lives up to their fame!

Kincaid Lake – Lake, Grant County

Kincaid Lake – Kincaid Lake, Kentucky 41040, USA –

Ludlow Heritage Museum – Art Galleries, Grant County

Ludlow Heritage Museum – 49 Elm St, Ludlow, KY 41016, USA – +1 859-261-3451

Porter Auto Detailing – Car Wash, Grant County

Porter Auto Detailing – 221 Thoroughbred Ln, Walton, KY 41094, USA – +1 859-363-7331

Snappy Tomato Pizza – Restaurant, Grant County

Snappy Tomato Pizza – 118 School Rd, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-824-7627
Very slow with deliveries. Have had to wait an hour and 1/2 before. Have been lied to when I call and ask where my food is. Almost always forget part of my delivery or get it wrong. I love the food but can’t deal with the issues.

McDonald’s – Diner, Grant County

McDonald’s – 10 Blackburn Ln, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-824-6249
I live in Dry Ridge and have lived here for the past 7 years and for that seven years minus the time that the building was under construction what their rebuild I’ve been ordering from there, the food is good but the service it’s not so good, I very seldom get in order back to me correctly there is always something missing weather it be dipping sauce or a fry missing or a burger or two, it’s usually always the case with this establishment. Yet I still order from there repetitively if they could get my order correct then I will give a better rating until then it gets to 2-star from me….

Alpha Shopping Center – Shopping Mall, Grant County

Alpha Shopping Center – 8449 US-42, Florence, KY 41042, USA – +1 859-750-4625
I love this shopping center! It has my Catholic store, my kids sport store, a video game place my husband likes to browse, our Favorite bakery and to top it all off a dollar tree!
We used to spend an entire day right here until burger king took out its playplace.

Leos.Blue Tick Beagles – Shopping Mall, Grant County

Leos.Blue Tick Beagles – KY-14, Verona, KY 41092, USA –

A. J. Jolly Park and Campground – State Park, Grant County

A. J. Jolly Park and Campground – 1501 Race Track Rd, Alexandria, KY 41001, USA – +1 859-635-4423
i rode out to the park today for the first time in 20 plus years and i must say i’m completely disappointed in the direction in has gone. was trying to scout camp sites for next week just to discover they replaced the best ones with lots for horses…..the best ones…there is plenty of other areas that are not suitable for camping that could’ve been developed for horses. why remove the most ideal lots for campers to accommodate a dozen riders?! now the only places to camp are on hillsides…..hillsides! if that’s not discouraging enough.. swimming in the lake has been banned! the swimming beach…removed! my family would camp at the like twice a year when i was a kid…it was a big part of my childhood……that’s all ruined….and for what?! a dozen or so horse stalls and parking for horse trailers… summer heat alleviation in the lake with swimming. better keep that golf course in tip top shape or there wont be any income…. i will not be back.

Boltz Lake – Lake, Grant County

Boltz Lake – Bolz Lake, Kentucky 41035, USA –
Nice lake and it is well kept. The people
Who do the cleaning deserve a raise.

Ark Encounter – Museum, Grant County

Ark Encounter – 1 Ark Encounter Dr, Williamstown, KY 41097, USA – +1 855-284-3275
Great experience overall. We spent all day there from open to close. Getting a wheel chair took forever, and that system was not disability friendly. Getting through the ark itself took a couple of hours and was very rewarding. We ate at the buffet, which was nice but crowded. There were tons of choices for all different food preferences. Being vegetarian and gluten sensitive, I found plenty to eat. My kids loved the camel ride, mining for fossils, and kangaroo petting. We got to see Ken Ham speak, which enhanced the experience. I’d recommend getting there as soon as it opens to take in everything. You can take the shuttle and get in the park area for free, without a ticket. There is so much to do, that if we had more time we might have gone back for the outside stuff. As it was, we felt we did everything we wanted in a day.