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Ryan auto repair – Car Repair, Grant County

Ryan auto repair – Kentucky 40359, USA –

Eagle Creek HS Park – park, Grant County

Eagle Creek HS Park – Crossroads Rd., Corinth, Ky, Corinth, KY 41010, USA – +1 859-472-3442
I’m super new to riding and I was on my second time doing trails (1st time at Eagle Creek). I ended up cracking my clutch cover letting most of my trans oil out. I had to ditch my bike and walk back to the entrance.

When I got back, the “Old Man” (that’s what he likes to go by) that runs the place was going to ask the other rider (only one person riding because it was crazy hot that day) out on property to give me tow back.

While waiting for the other rider to get back, Old Man kept me company for quit a while. I learned the place has some really cool history.

Turns out that rider had broke down as well. Old Man then offered me use of his duct tape and some oil to limp me back. I was able to mend it enough to start riding back. While limping back, I ran across a couple of ATV riders on the trail that recently showed up to ride. While I was back and fixing my bike, Old Man asked them to see if I needed a tow if the duct tape didn’t work.

As for the riding, it was awesome. Not rutted out like the Dirty Turtle in Bedford.

Overall, I can’t believe how helpful and nice Old Man was! Not to mention the other riders that offered to help me as well. I’ll be sure to be more prepared the next ride.

Elmer Davis Lake – Lake, Grant County

Elmer Davis Lake – Elmer Davis Lake, Kentucky 40359, USA –
I’ve been here several times. I mainly fish for catfish, and occasionally bait fish. So I really don’t care for bass fishing, and I have caught some good size large mouth, and small mouth, not to mention a few crappie, and bluegill. The only thing I did not catch was catfish. The large and small mouths I caught, were complete accidents. And so was the crappies. But no matter, I was catching fish, and doing exactly the one thing that I really love to do. I love to fish, and I had a wonderful time. The banks were clean. The water looked clean. I have no complaints at all. I’ll be going back next year.
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