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Crittenden Tire & Lube – Car Repair, Grant County

Crittenden Tire & Lube – 235 Violet Rd, Crittenden, KY 41030, USA – +1 859-428-1882
Yesterday on the way home I blew a tire on the interstate. I was able to slowly make it to the Crittenden exit. I had to try to get home to pick up the kids because Brit had to work. I asked probably two dozen people for a tire tool or four way and no one was willing to help. Goldstar let me use a phone to get a hold of someone. So I went across the street to CRITTENDEN TIRE AND LUBE. Where they told me I not only couldn’t use a four way but I also couldn’t change it in their lot. The one place that could’ve helped wouldn’t. It was an emergency and they sat there without remorse. I then went to Ezy stop and they went above and beyond to help me with a four way and to get home to my kids. It blows my mind how no one is willing to stop and help someone out anymore.