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Factory Outlet – Shopping Outlets, Grant County

Factory Outlet – 1155 Mason Rd, Williamstown, KY 41097, USA – +1 859-824-9579

Walton Towne Center – Shopping Mall, Grant County

Walton Towne Center – 635 Chestnut Dr, Walton, KY 41094, USA –
If you play pokemon go, than this ain’t a bad spot. Caught tons of shiny pokemon here and got some ice cold beer

EastGate Mall – Shopping Outlets, Grant County

EastGate Mall – 4601 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45245, USA – +1 513-752-2294
Eastgate mall is pretty great, but I do think it needs a revamp. It seems like there are only a few stores that thrive and the rest sort of do okay. One of the main reasons I come to eastgate mall is to visit my favorite shop, TimeWarp Cards and Comics. I love the environment and the fact that I can sit down and play cards with other people. I have brought several friends in, who have never been to Eastgate Mall, just to see the shop and do some shopping. Also, I remember coming to this mall all the time as a kid, so I hope it never closes.

Outlets of the Bluegrass – Shopping Outlets, Grant County

Outlets of the Bluegrass – 1155 Buck Creek Rd, Simpsonville, KY 40067, USA – +1 502-722-5558
If you enjoy spending more for things you can buy online and elsewhere, and enjoy using up gas to drive to and fro, then knock your socks off!! We also see numerous stores/units that have closed up shop. Gone. Vanished. Outta there. I give it another 5 yrs at best.

VF Outlet – Shopping Outlets, Grant County

VF Outlet – 1124 Fashion Ridge Rd, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-823-0252
Great selection of clothes men and women. Very organized and great service. Prices are really good!

Dalton Plaza – Shopping Mall, Grant County

Dalton Plaza – 35 Harlan St, Crittenden, KY 41030, USA – +1 859-428-2755
A bit deserted in all honesty! One treasure is Dixie’s Treasures down in the lower part of the plaza. But needs some work!

Florence Mall – Shopping Mall, Grant County

Florence Mall – 2028 Florence Mall, Florence, KY 41042, USA – +1 859-371-1231
Not to crowded during the day. Found some good deals if you look for them. Had lunch in the food court, good selection. Greek Burrito has great gyros.