Butler Outlet Mall – Shopping Outlets, Grant County

 Butler Outlet Mall

 2529 KY-227, Carrollton, KY 41008, USA


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  1. Dow Buford July 7, 2019

    There are just a few shops left in the mall. However, I had an excellent experience at the VF Outlet. The associates in the store were very courteous and helpful. I even found a couple of pair of jeans that fit and that are long enough.

  2. dave tharpe August 26, 2019

    Mall? Yea right, better luck next time when you have to name something… clearly no “mall”. Couple of stores that are on life support, or maybe that was the employee’s attitude. Save your gas and time… move along

  3. LISA GIBSON September 4, 2019

    Well. It’s getting there. This used to be the place to be. But over the years it’s become dilapidated and run down. The VF is still there, which I love that they’re putting a new entrance in there for it. However, I’m afraid that once the new entrance opens up the 2 remaining stores in the actual outlet mall itself will close.

  4. Jenilyn Ahlers September 17, 2019

    I can’t believe the things you can get for a dollar. I just ha e to be careful because I can spend at least $30 every time I go… lol

  5. Ruth Hendren October 8, 2019

    If is over priced on mostly everything they have. But the vape shop we were really happy with. Hince 4 stars instead of 1 or 2 stars.

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