J.B. Miller Lake – State Park, Grant County

 J.B. Miller Lake

 Waterworks Rd Waterworks Rd, Williamstown, KY 41097, USA

 +1 859-824-3606

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  1. Shanna Luitze June 24, 2018

    Drove here to visit Ark Encounter and this popped up as something pretty to visit. We got there, walked down a pretty grown up trail & saw the bridge but it was more than 1/2 way submerged and cones were up as it was not safe to even approach. Pretty disappointing:/

  2. Marty Brewer May 20, 2019

    JB Mille Park is pretty rugged, but a great place to fish, and enjoy the peace, and so beautiful.

  3. Roy Bartley May 23, 2019

    Fair just walk around don’t know much

  4. Scott Campen June 11, 2019

    well, what can I say… so much potential for this park! Upon entering, a downhill slope was muddy and rutted and hard to find footing. Once at the lake, there was a short section of cut grass that allowed for easy travel, but once I tried to circumnavigate the lake, it became too overgrown to go through, with all sorts of low growth that touched and pricked and cut into my beautiful legs. 😉 I could only make it 1/8 of the way around before realizing I needed to turn back. With some TLC, this could be a gem of a park, but much needs to be done to get it there.

  5. Roy Bartley August 27, 2019

    Enjoyable and quite by the Ohio River fishing also boat ramp

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