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 Grant County Parks & Recreation

 101 N Main St # 4A, Williamstown, KY 41097, USA

 +1 859-428-4500

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  1. Anon - April 5, 2019

    Parks are poorly maintained. Very little in the way of nature trails, despite an abundance of wooded area. JB Miller park is so overgrown the trail is impassible at a certain point, so at least 50% of it is not usable. There are no public pools, the lakes are dirty and swimming is mostly banned. No wonder everyone in this town is hooked on drugs. There is nothing to do. My family and I will be moving as soon as humanly possible, and I know plenty of other people who are of the same mindset. Anything worth doing here is private and priced for those who make six figures. The rest of us are left with the decaying remains of a time when the government cared about its people. This place has no future, and local and state political officials have no desire or intention to invest in quality of life for residents. If you make above 40k a year and under 100k, do yourself a favor and relocate to a place that invests your tax money in making your life more tolerable, as opposed to stealing it, using it to prop up failing conglomerates (Answers in Genesis, anyone?), and letting everything else rot.

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