A. J. Jolly Park and Campground – State Park, Grant County

 A. J. Jolly Park and Campground

 1501 Race Track Rd, Alexandria, KY 41001, USA

 +1 859-635-4423


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  1. Dustin Evans June 19, 2019

    The place is pretty… But the camping part sucks. At least our was with what looks like everything to be on a hill and when putting up our tent it didnt look as it would be too bad of a place but then you get inside and the hill sucked. All the camping except a few spots looked to be on a hill. So the rain started falling and our tent was about 4 inches deep towards the bottom and it just made our camping experience here not the best.

  2. Anthony White July 1, 2019

    Took a drive through on Sunday evening to observe the grounds. I don’t camp anymore but wanted to check out the other amenities. Park originally had swimming beach on the lake that was closed probably in the 1980’s.

  3. Bryan Barbiea July 6, 2019

    i rode out to the park today for the first time in 20 plus years and i must say i’m completely disappointed in the direction in has gone. was trying to scout camp sites for next week just to discover they replaced the best ones with lots for horses…..the best ones…there is plenty of other areas that are not suitable for camping that could’ve been developed for horses. why remove the most ideal lots for campers to accommodate a dozen riders?! now the only places to camp are on hillsides…..hillsides! if that’s not discouraging enough.. swimming in the lake has been banned! the swimming beach…removed! my family would camp at the like twice a year when i was a kid…it was a big part of my childhood……that’s all ruined….and for what?! a dozen or so horse stalls and parking for horse trailers…..no summer heat alleviation in the lake with swimming. better keep that golf course in tip top shape or there wont be any income…. i will not be back.

  4. jim drye July 12, 2019

    Rented kayaks today. The clerk/gate keeper was very helpful. System is easy. Pay, get keys, pick up paddles and life jackets. Drive to the launch area. Unlock the kayaks. Carry short distance to unique launch dock that is very stable. Have fun. Reverse the process.

  5. mechanic mike September 4, 2019

    First time there and was limited to only 2 sites left but was a very nice camp ground with sites right on the lake

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