Waffle House – Restaurant, Grant County

 Waffle House

 64 Broadway St, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA

 +1 859-824-5903


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  1. Chris Borutskie April 7, 2019

    Can someone make a fair evaluation if you actually didn’t eat there? Our family saw numerous Waffle House restaurants as we recently navigated the US interstates from Canada to Florida. Along the way, we saw the Waffle House signs and figured we should try one at least once on the trip. Unfortunately, upon arrival, seeing how filthy the dining area and washroom were, we dashed before our server could come back to take our orders. Greasy and gross would be understatements. Did we feel good about leaving in such a manner? Not at all. Do I feel a bit sorry for our server who was just trying to do her job? Of course. So why 3 stars an not a 1 star rating? Because maybe the food would have been the best ever! I guess we’ll never know… because we are never going to be foolish enough to return to Waffle House.

  2. Jordan Yoshimine July 2, 2019

    Went around 11pm on a Friday night. Wasn’t too busy. Server was very friendly and really did her job well. The staff seemed to get along real well which was nice to see. The food is okay. I really do enjoy their hash browns however. You can order it with several different toppings. Very good. For dessert you can have your pecan pie grilled and topped with butter. Amazing. Great late night option. Well really the only late night option in town.

  3. Patrick Cincinnati July 31, 2019

    I’m a waffle house expert, lol. And this place was the absolute cleanest – like immaculate – and efficient place I’ve ever been to. These ladies working here booming out orders back and forth… My wife told the server it was like watching a dance.
    Food was perfect.
    I would say it didn’t feel friendly, but not unfriendly, it was busy and they were getting the job done, and done well.
    I’ll be back for sure!
    Well done… y’all!

  4. Jane Earps October 1, 2019

    Great food. Always friendly service. The cook was spectacular!

  5. Jonathan Washburn October 3, 2019

    Food was hot and fresh made great. Server and cooks were nice. We were about the only ones there though, going in after lunch rush, so got a more personal service.

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