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Beans – Diner, Grant County

Beans – 21 Taft Hwy, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-823-2326
Lovely place! Relaxing atmosphere. Clean and friendly service. The coffee was the best I’ve had in a long time. Strong, full of flavour no nonsense coffee. Others in my group had the donuts and said was delicious. Saw other costumers being served generous portions of food. It looked good! Will make sure I come here again next time in town.

Arby’s – Diner, Grant County

Arby’s – 65 Blackburn Ln, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-824-4134
Arby’s is pricing them selves right out of business. Most fast foods give customers a break on drinks in the combos . I found out today the price break down on drinks are $2.00. Their classic roast beef & cheese sandwich has very little roast beef. Tasted like a bread sandwich. Onion rings curly fries not completely done. Restaurant was clean and staff was customer friendly. Food was served promptly. I’ll be looking at my $17.00 for two combo’s ,in a fast food much closer from now on. Definitely not taking a family.

KFC – Restaurant, Grant County

KFC – 71 Broadway St, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-824-7604
The food is always great but the wait to get it is long enough (20+ min in the drive through) that we very rarely eat here. I have to wonder how much business they loose due to poor management.

Noble’s Restaurant and Truck Stop – Diner, Grant County

Noble’s Restaurant and Truck Stop – 1065 Owenton Rd, Corinth, KY 41010, USA – +1 859-824-4475
Food is great!! Friendly folks work here, although I agree with another reviewer that they need to give building a good clean; please don’t change the decor of the restaurant! It’s charming. Know that what needs to be clean is spotless… kitchen and food prep areas specifically!
I will return as often as possible! There are too few truck stops like this around anymore!

Snappy Tomato Pizza – Diner, Grant County

Snappy Tomato Pizza – 118 School Rd, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-824-7627
Very slow with deliveries. Have had to wait an hour and 1/2 before. Have been lied to when I call and ask where my food is. Almost always forget part of my delivery or get it wrong. I love the food but can’t deal with the issues.

Frisch’s Big Boy – Diner, Grant County

Frisch’s Big Boy – 1000 Fashion Ridge Rd, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-824-8870
Very clean, friendly staff, delicious well-kept breakfast bar. My dear husband had a huge burger. Very delightful atmosphere. We will definitely come again. Forget long lines at other places. Big Boy lives up to their fame!

Skyline Chili – Restaurant, Grant County

Skyline Chili – 96 Blackburn Ln, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-824-3929
I grew up down the street from the original Skyline in Price Hill and have been a fan of Skyline Chili my whole life. This location (Dry Ridge) is exceptionally well in many areas. Their customer service is top notch, welcoming and polite. The food is always hot. Our cheese conies have the perfect amount of chili and cheese, every time. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ Whether we drive through or dine in, the experience is the same. This is saying something considering customer service in most fast food joints these days. I highly recommend this restaurant and location to anyone in the area looking to try one of Cincinnati’s local favorites! Keep up the great work! πŸ˜‰

Wendy’s – Diner, Grant County

Wendy’s – 392 Violet Rd, Crittenden, KY 41030, USA – +1 859-428-9363
While traveling home from Ohio, we decided to stop at this Wendy’s. We have NEVER been to a friendlier Wendy’s! We were very happy with the food and service. At the last minute, we decided to add chili to our take out. So glad we did. It was delicious.

Gold Star Chili – Restaurant, Grant County

Gold Star Chili – 118 S Main St # US25, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-824-3504
Visited with a friend for lunch recently and our experience was so so. I must admit that I prefer Skyline to Gold Star, but this was not bad. My friend got the vegetarian chili which tasted just like their regular chili (she was happy about that). Portion sizes are smaller and presentation is just not as nice as Skyline. The wait time is also much longer.

LaRosa’s Pizza Dry Ridge – Restaurant, Grant County

LaRosa’s Pizza Dry Ridge – 96 C Blackburn Ln, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 513-347-1111
Visited for lunch recently and walked into a huge restaurant with friendly greeters and wait staff. The personal pizza was well prepared and tasty with plenty of toppings. Not the best pizza I’ve had but certainly good. Their side salad was huge and fresh. Of the two, the salad was better I thought. A ton of food for lunch. Overall, not bad at all.

Brandy Corporation – Restaurant, Grant County

Brandy Corporation – 65 Blackburn Ln, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA – +1 859-824-4134

Edwardo’s Pizza & Subs LLC – Diner, Grant County

Edwardo’s Pizza & Subs LLC – 1402 N Main St, Williamstown, KY 41097, USA – +1 859-824-4400
It took a while for us to finally stop here, and boy was I thrilled! A Chicago born girl freaking out over Kentucky pizza! These guys are on point with EVERYTHING! Great staff, really nice owner, beautiful outdoor patio, and great seating throughout the building. The buffet is delicious, nothing but the best! I also had their baked lasagna, which was really great. Looking forward to steak nights (Rib eye on the grill with all the fixings for $14). Everyone raves about this one. They do live music outside, plenty of specials, and can’t beat the southern hospitality! New favorite place. Don’t forget to try one of their dessert pizzas before you go. Janice took care of us last time, and she’s great fun! One of their many wonderful servers!