KFC – Restaurant, Grant County


 71 Broadway St, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, USA

 +1 859-824-7604


(5 reviews)


  1. Jody Loucks September 5, 2019

    Long wait to order an then we were told it was going to take 12min for original chicken to be done.It was 5:15pm.Then we went to sit down an there was ZERO,NONE,absolutely no place clean,even the floor was a hot mess!!!The drink station, well use your imagination of discussing!!

  2. Micki September 7, 2019

    We waited for 20 minutes in the drive thru and never placed our order. The wait was unbelievably long. We were actually the next to order, but no one ever talked to us on the speaker, so we left. There were four cars ahead of us still waiting on food and there were about ten cars behind us. It was probably going to be another 20 minutes even after we ordered.

  3. MizzenMast October 4, 2019

    The food is always great but the wait to get it is long enough (20+ min in the drive through) that we very rarely eat here. I have to wonder how much business they loose due to poor management.

  4. Sandra Martin October 5, 2019

    Currently in the drive thru, wish me luck. Last time was a 30 min wait….too bad it’s the closest to home 😔

  5. Kevin Tyler October 13, 2019

    Clean and well maintained. Friendly staff and food was ok for a kfc. There was a very friendly cashier named erford . My only complaint is that they had no beef on the taco bell side of things due to a recall, which isn’t really their fault

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