Mike’s Carwash – Car Wash, Grant County

 Mike’s Carwash

 8036 Burlington Pike, Florence, KY 41042, USA

 +1 859-282-3630


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  1. Christopher Apromollo June 27, 2019

    I’d gone a few times with no issue, the $20 wash was pretty good for every other week or so, but then I went and the gentleman waving me into the wash bay kept saying to pull in and it appeared I was over too far. He kept waving me in so I continued—and ruined my rim.

    On the upside, the claims department sent a check for the replacement with no questions asked once they received the claim form.

    All in all not bad for a soft touch wash. Wish they had additional options though.

  2. DERIK CLAYTON August 23, 2019

    Would easily give it a five but the only issue I have is their entrance for the vehicles onto the track has no circle mirror. A little mirror really goes a long way. Some places put it up high looking down on the track so you can align. Anything really would make the place near flawless

  3. Kirstin Chapman October 7, 2019

    Most times they do a good job but I have had to go through twice before too great road gimme off back of vehicle

  4. Dennis BYRNE JR October 9, 2019

    They rush cars through. Sometimes so fast that I’ve almost hit people in front of me if they have any sort of delay when leaving. The dryers may as well not even be on as I’ve not once had a dry car coming out. Come to think of it, I haven’t had a clean car either. Go to a real carwash like Johnny’s just down the road.

  5. Alex October 17, 2019

    Got my car washed here for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised by the low prices and friendliness of the staff. I will definitely come here again!

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