Bailey’s Car Wash & Detailing – Car Wash, Grant County

 Bailey’s Car Wash & Detailing

 5864 Taylor Dr, Burlington, KY 41005, USA

 +1 859-534-5999

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  1. Caleb Kline September 26, 2019

    I purchased a used SUV and wanted a good cleaning done of the interior of the vehicle and of the exterior and I took it to Bailey’s for the complete detail package.

    The good:

    – the interior looked and smelled much better
    – the dash and hard surfaces were cleaned and shined and a lot of the staining had been removed.
    – The employees that I interacted with were nice and polite.
    – they offered to rinse my vehicle off for free as it had collected dust in the time it had been sitting in the lot.

    The bad:
    – when I got home and removed the temporary paper floor covers I realized my interior floor mats were missing (not a big deal as I planned on replacing with rubber mats).
    – When I folded down the rear seats I found they had not cleaned under the seats and there were years worth of trash and dirt still there (see attached picture).

    Conclusion: For the price that I paid for the detail I expected a more thorough clean. If you decide to have a detailing done here I suggest you go over the vehicle thoroughly before you leave and make sure there were no oversights.

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