Avis Car Rental – Car Rental, Grant County

 Avis Car Rental

 212 W 4th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA

 +1 513-621-1479


(5 reviews)


  1. Greg Reese May 8, 2019

    Avis is a Great place to rent a car! Great customer service!

    The guy behind the counter should do a commercial, he has that classic, million dollar -voice over voice.

    The ladies will love it, the men will try to imitate and duplicate!

    Anyway, let’s get back the the subject at hand, car runs great! Service was excellent!!! A++++ 5 🌟

  2. Komal Rustagi July 22, 2019

    The service is really bad . the give you half fuel and charge for full gas. bryan was such a dumb guy. called in multiple times . no response

  3. Michelle M. September 29, 2019

    The rental location I rent from and all the agents working there have always went above and beyond when it comes to service. Because of this, I have nothing but high praise for them and Avis for doing such a wonderful job of having them in the position to serve the public with a smile. Great job Avis and keep up the good work agents.

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