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  1. Cory Fowler May 25, 2019

    My family made a reservation for a van for vacation. We arrived at the rental shop slightly earlier than our reservation time; however, the attendant told us the van wasn’t at the location and that it would be a minimum of 30 minutes after our reservation time that it would be there. We had booked the reservation a week in advance so Avis had plenty of notification we would be there. Additionally, when booking online the Avis website stated “pay in advance to avoid the checkout counter’. So we paid in full online and clearly that had no impact on our reservation and the online claim was false. I called Avis customer service and was directly told “a reservation time does not guarantee a rental at that specific time, just that it will be ready at some time that day”. This was the most disheartening part. Customer service told me making a 9:00 am reservation means, that within the parameters of Avis’s booking policy, the car may not actually be ready until 5:00 pm that same day. As a family who has two toddlers and relies on rental vans for family travels, I can’t recommend Avis based on this policy. And therefore won’t use them anymore either for family travels.

  2. Amy Holtkamp May 30, 2019

    My experience: I arrived at this location needing to rent a car for the day so that I could decorate my father’s grave for Memorial Day. I only have a debit card and the usual place I rent cars didn’t want to take a debit card so I get there and the young gentleman behind the counter says, “We have no cars left due to the holiday.”He barely looked at the computer and I asked him to double check so he did but still no cars left. I leave out the door and almost out of the parking lot and another gentleman yells for me to come back in, so I did. He said, “We have a car for you, the other guy was mistaken.” and then he tells the other guy to rent me the car. So with the debit card you must have a credit check ran and if it passes then a deposit/hold for $100.00 is required. Which I’m fine with however, I know the terms and conditions which states $100.00 hold is required so I ask the guy are you sure it will hold only $100.00 until I return the car. He replies, ” Yes, Madam.” I ask probably at least 5 times about the amount of the hold due to the fact that I knew I didn’t have much funds in my account. Each time he replied, “Yes, Madam the charge for the car is $31.00 plus tax and when you drop the car back off then the $100.00 hold will be returned to your account and then your card will only be charged the rental amount. I left the office and off on my journey I went. I knew exactly how much money I could spend with the hold/charge on my account. I stop to eat and guess what, my card is declined. I thought there must be a mistake. Nope, I checked my account and there it was, AVIS charge $238.14. Luckily, I had a little cash in my purse that I hadn’t used. Now, to return the car I must fill the gas tank up of course and with the holiday weekend I have no idea when this hold will be removed. I stopped and put $15.00 gas in not even thinking to make sure it was completely full because I was so worried about how I was going to live the next few days without any money, plus I just realized my account had overdrawn so I return the car and tell the guy that we have a problem, and I explained that the previous guy told me there would only be a $100.00 hold and now my account is overdrawn. He looks at me and says, “We are getting ready to fix that by checking you out, your funds will be returned to you minus the $38.14 for the car as soon as your bank allows.” He didn’t say anything about what the other guy told me or that my account was overdrawn. He checks the car and comes back in to tell me that the fuel tank isn’t completely
    full so I will have to go add more gas OR they will charge me
    a crazy amount. So, I have to go back to the gas station and use the last $20.00 that I have to my name. Returned the car, he checked it again to make sure it was full of gas. NO Sorry, NO Apology, NOTHING!

  3. Dawn Pike August 18, 2019

    Did not have the truck we were supposed to be renting. Then told us we had to go to another location, which we found out was closed. Then told us would have to go to Cincinnati, however they don’t rent trucks at the location in Cincinnati. They could not even cancel our reservation because they couldn’t find it in the system. This is not the first time we have had an issue with Budget/Avis. I will not rent from Budget/Avis again.

  4. Tom Becker September 29, 2019

    Great customer service and the Kid who works there in the morning is a nice young man

  5. Mike Smith October 1, 2019

    Customer service was not friendly, they did not look or act like they wanted to be there at all. Any other time I have got a rental car I was provided a choice. Although there were several cars in my size for available I was told I needed to take the one I assigned. They seemed very short staffed. I had to track down the person who checks in the vehicles then was charged for gas when I returned it with a full tank. I had to wait for a more than 20 minutes to get this refunded.

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