Vent Haven Museum – Art Galleries, Grant County

 Vent Haven Museum

 33 W Maple Ave, Fort Mitchell, KY 41011, USA

 +1 859-341-0461

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  1. forfallony Mcintosh May 17, 2019

    Amazing display. I lived across the street for 8 years. I love how busy they get when they do their convention. If you are local, go try to check it out if you are into ventriloquism.

  2. David Bechtol August 5, 2019

    My daughter and I and our friends Terri and Scott visited the Vent Haven Museum this morning and had a 5 star experience! Fantastic collection of vintage to modern ventriloquist performance figures, photographs, props, posters and more from the world of ventriloquism. I hesitate calling them dummies because each figure has a story to tell, a unique personality, and a partner that they shared the stage and adventures with. Our personal tour guide was Lisa Sweasy the Curator / Director of the museum. Needless to say Lisa is incredibly knowledgeable on the history of the museum, it’s founder, William Shakespeare (W. S.) Berger, the collection of 900 plus figures, and the art and craft of ventriloquism. We were part of a small group of about 12 so there was plenty of opportunity to learn about ventriloquism and ask questions. I highly recommend you visit Vent Haven Museum! Call and schedule a tour with this unique one of a kind museum soon.

  3. Brandi Rombach September 21, 2019

    It’s not something I’m interested in but my husband loved it

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