Kentucky Military History Museum – Art Galleries, Grant County

 Kentucky Military History Museum

 125 E Main St, Frankfort, KY 40601, USA

 +1 502-564-1792

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  1. Doug Caldwell June 6, 2019

    This museum is included with price of visiting the main KY state museum down the hill. Two stories of military history of KY in the building; oldest displays on the first floor and WW1 and later on 2d floor. The state as well as KY citizens are featured (such as only KY solider awarded Medal of Honor in WW1). Limited amount of free parking next to building. We took about an hour to tour the exhibits. We are from TX and was impressed with the effort KY put into honoring its state and citizens.

  2. C W July 1, 2019

    Little museums like this always turn out to be the best. For the amount of space they have to use I thought the displays and information presented was very good. You probably won’t spend a lot of time here but it is worth the stop if you are in town.

  3. may august July 11, 2019

    This place was cool . Had every kind of handgun and military artillery you never heard of from all the wars plus uniforms, both nurses and soldiers . Don’t forget the knives and swords . The displays of actual military soldiers and nurses with vocal recordings of their experiences was a nice touch. Some swords were beautifully detailed , masterpieces .

  4. Christopher Laughlin October 11, 2019

    A well-done, even look at Kentucky’s contribution to US Military history, complete with a fair number of artifacts. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

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