Ark Encounter – Museum, Grant County

 Ark Encounter

 1 Ark Encounter Dr, Williamstown, KY 41097, USA

 +1 855-284-3275

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  1. robert august October 10, 2019

    Great place to visit a lot of walking but they have electric scooters and wheelchairs. The food is very good also. I would come back again there is so much to read and see. We just loved it.

  2. Leah Lambart October 15, 2019

    Great experience overall. We spent all day there from open to close. Getting a wheel chair took forever, and that system was not disability friendly. Getting through the ark itself took a couple of hours and was very rewarding. We ate at the buffet, which was nice but crowded. There were tons of choices for all different food preferences. Being vegetarian and gluten sensitive, I found plenty to eat. My kids loved the camel ride, mining for fossils, and kangaroo petting. We got to see Ken Ham speak, which enhanced the experience. I’d recommend getting there as soon as it opens to take in everything. You can take the shuttle and get in the park area for free, without a ticket. There is so much to do, that if we had more time we might have gone back for the outside stuff. As it was, we felt we did everything we wanted in a day.

  3. David Givan October 16, 2019

    Absolutely an awesome experience. A bit pricey, $48 for adults, $38 for seniors. Do prepay and print admission tickets. We stood in line 45 min, while those with tickets walked right in. Very clean, well organized, extremely informative. Do not miss the buffet. I think it was the best and biggest I have ever had. There’s a very nice Zoo too. Camel ride was fun but too short.
    It is obvious that unlimited research was involved in this huge project. Some literary license was taken, but essential to the experience. Take lots of pictures so you can read the signs and view the exhibits in detail later. Also consider the Creation venue.
    There are wheel chairs, power scooters etc to rent, and the ramps are long and moderate slope
    Just wonderful. Here are just a few of my pictures.

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