Dry Ridge Concrete Skatepark

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Dry Ridge Concrete Skatepark
24 S Main St
Dry Ridge, KY 41035
United States

Dry Ridge Concrete Skatepark

The city of Dry Ridge Kentucky gets a brand new concrete skatepark! 12,000 square feet of Grade A quality concrete. The park has a backyard pool with; concrete coping, deathbox and loveseat. Actually it is a 1970s style snake run built in a modern park, something like Lakewood's.

Concrete Skatepark is at Piddle Park, established in 1976. Dry Ridge Parks and recreation authority has put in a great concrete skatepark. Not much street, but a snake run and lots of interesting tranny. Killer bowl.

It is quiet and relaxing to walk around the dimly lit gem of a skatepark and explore the superb finish on the concrete. This new park in Dry Ridge, Kentucky has a snake run that flows from the top of the park down into a tight transition corner.

The park has an amazing old school snake run that starts at the crest of a hill and runs down into the main level of the park. There is just about anything one could need here, banks, transitioned banks, hips, walrides, euro gap, marble hubbas, hipped q'pipe, mini snake run w/ corners, pump bumps and the coolest little pool you'll ever ride. It is about 5 1/2' deep with very mellow transitions (almost too mellow), a lil' love seat and deathbox, topped with very nice hand poured concrete coping.

Beginners will learn skateboard mechanics and basic riding skills such as balance, carving, riding transitions, and dropping-in. Advanced skaters learn grinds, ollies, and airs, and have the chance to learn to drop in on bigger ramps, and learn flip tricks. The advanced level is designed for the skateboarder who has been riding for at least a year. Skaters will be assessed on the first day of the session and the lessons will be adapted to their ability.


  • Big, mini, bowl
  • Courter pipes
  • Snake run
  • Hubba's, rail
  • Hips
  • dirt gap
  • Concrete, some metal copen,
  • roll around park,
  • Dish, jersey wall.
  • skateboarding, waterskiing, jetskiing, horsebackriding etc

Location, direction and Contact:

Dry Ridge Concrete Skatepark
24 S Main St
Dry Ridge, KY 41035
City of of dry ridge
Parks and recreation
Phone: 859-824-3335
Visiting Hours: Open daily from dawn to dusk

Take 75 north, exit at Dry Ridge, veer right and the park is on the right at Piddle Park. It is built into a hill, has a fast snake run at the top, bench T like grind platforms, a bridge, mogul like bumbs in the horseshoe and a tight kidney shaped bowl. This park has speed lines everywhere.

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